Living and additive free wines made by shepherds of nature. 

Re-launching Fall 2018


An organic farm, properly speaking, is not one that uses certain methods and substances and avoids others; it is a farm whose structure is formed in imitation of the structure of a natural system that has the integrity, the independence, and the benign dependence of an organism. 

- Wendell Berry, American Writer and Farmer,  "The Gift of Good Land"


The holistic approach treats the farm not in isolation, but as part of a landmass that is part of a planet that is part of a huge solar system, where large bodies of mass exert considerable forces (gravitational, light, etc.) on one another. Life on Earth is fundamentally affected by these large external factors - and biodynamics takes this into account. 

- Isabelle Legeron, MW


The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.

- Franklin D. Roosevelt

An inviting array of naturally made wines. 

- Eric Asimov

... a great way to secure sought-after releases. 

- Grub Street

Living wines taste better, naturally.